04-07-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Lessons Repeated

Mark 8:1-10

Tyler Woerner

03-31-24 Easter Sunday

Luke 23 and Luke 24

Tyler Woerner

03-17-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Jesus Does All Things Well

Mark 7:31-37

Tyler Woerner

03-10-24 Equipped In Here For Ministry Out There

Kirt Boudreau

Ephesians 4:11-16

03-03-24 The Gospel of Mark: How To Argue With Jesus And Win

Dennis Malcolm

Mark 7:24-30

02-25-24 The Gospel of Mark: Jesus Shares His Heart

Mark 7:17-23

Tyler Woerner

02-18-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Jesus Rejects Our Rules

Mark 7:1-15

Tyler Woerner

02-11-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Welcome To The Kingdom

Mark 6:53-56

Tyler Woerner

02-04-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Jesus Walks On Water

Mark 6:45-52

Tyler Woerner

01-28-24 The Gospel Of Mark: Jesus Sustains Us

Tyler Woerner

Mark 6:30-44